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Cover gratings are ideal for swimming pool overflow channels.

The combination of soft plastic profiles on upper side, fibreglass reinforced polyester on down side and stainless steel is suitable for conventional swimming pools, leisure pools and all types of medical baths. Cover gratings have soft, non-slip upper surface. The material is shatterproof and UV-resistant.

On the underside, the profiles are welded to plastic-coated, fibreglass reinforced polyester rods to form an effective supporting structure. Cover gratings can be adapted to suit any shape of overflow channels - round, angular, oval, and S-shaped channels. Gratings not only have excellent non-slip properties but also provide optimum drainage.

They are treated with an antibacterial, fungicidal agent to ensure excellent hygienic conditions.
Gratings are robust and long-lasting. The material is non-porous, colourfast and resistant to chemicals.
Gratings can be easily cleaned using standard cleaning agents.

For cleaning the channels, gratings can be rolled up in no time.
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