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Safety mats for wet rooms are resilient when stood on, helping to relieve fatigue in back and legs. Mats have all-round water drainage, which means that the underside has clear spaces at regular intervals to allow water to flow away freely, even in shower rooms with one central drain.

Mats have long service life, they are UV resistant, corrosion proof, unbreakable and resistant to most chemicals in normal concentrations. Their surface is pore-free and can be treated with antibacterial and fungicidal additives to prevent the development of fungi and germs.

They are ideally suited for areas where people walk around barefoot, such as swimming baths, changing rooms and sauna floors. The mats can be cleaned with any commercially available cleaning agent, by hosing them down with water, using a scrubbing bush or by means of high-pressure water cleaner.

Various colours are available that help you create a bright and cheerful environment.

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